» » Reef Aquarium in the Area of “ALMALY” Shopping Mall

Reef Aquarium in the Area of “ALMALY” Shopping Mall







The reef aquarium in the territory of ALMALY Shopping Mall consists of the elements number, in addition to breathers, and includes:

A tank with the capacity of 12m3and the dimensions of 1.5x7x1.65h, made of the acrylic glass 120 mm thick, where all breathers, décor elements and part of the equipment are located;

The reef aquarium is a marine aquarium, where corals, other marine invertebrates and small fishes, which play the important role in maintaining the coral environment, live.

This kind of aquariums requires intensive lighting, strong water flow and more stable hydro chemical indicators of the water in comparison with a marine aquarium, in which only small fishes live.

Besides, it requires the correct compliance of the species composition of reef inhabitants.


This facility is being serviced by Aquarium Service LLP.