» » Reef and Marine Aquariums in “Mega-2”

Reef and Marine Aquariums in “Mega-2”

            Reef Aquarium



                           Marine Aquarium




In 2013, Aquarium Service LLP won the international tender for designing and building 2 marine aquariums in the area of Mega-2 Shopping Mall.
Two aquariums have been made by the custom design in the form of elliptical acrylic forms with the dimensions of 6x2 meters, the height of 2.1 meters and the capacity of 20000 liters each.
They are installed on reinforced concrete platforms.


This project is unique by the following criteria:

Until now, all projects of large aquariums in CIS have corresponded to a reinforced concrete basin with a built-in observation acrylic glass.

The aquariums in Mega-2 Shopping Mall are the whole basins with the acrylic bottom. So, visitors have the possibility to observe marine inhabitants, going round the aquarium from any side.

The concept of a living marine reef creation, stocked with living corals, asteroid, crustaceans and small coral fishes has been implemented in one of these aquariums.

Thus, residents of Almaty and visitors of the capital have the possibility to familiarize themselves with inhabitants of the coral reef with their own eyes.


This facility is being served by Aquarium Service LLP.