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Aquarium Complex, Caspian Riviera Grand Palace Hotel














Project of aquariums in the hotel complex in Aktau
In 2011, we got the proposal from a Kazakhstani investment company to implement the project of two aquariums, located in the hotel complex being built in Aktau, Kazakhstan.

The project was completely redeveloped, and the aquariums’ capacities were considerably increased at the request of investors in the course of subsequent works.

The equipment has been installed, the freshwater aquarium with the capacity of 140000 liters has been completely put into operation and the sturgeon fish has been put into for the moment.

The work to put into operation an aquarium of 890 000 liters is being conducted.
The up-to-date technologies of construction and equipping of public aquariums are used in the implementation of this project, while the project itself is unique not only for Kazakhstan, but for the whole post-Soviet space.

This facility is being serviced by Aquarium Service LLP.