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Zoo of Almaty

The OCEANICA Group has taken part in reconstruction of the “Aquarium” pavilion in the Zoo of Almaty.


We have installed:

  •          A large marine aquarium with a capacity of 25,000 liters. We have brought blacktip reef sharks, leopard morays, porcupine fish, and other exotic sea animals from the Indian Sea to populate this aquarium.
  •          Two reef aquariums with a capacity of 1000 liters each to exhibit rare live hard and soft corals with sea fish, sea hedgehogs, and shrimps.
  •          A 1500 liter aquarium for Aurelia aurita (moon jellyfish). A special utility room with a dedicated life support system was built for this unique aquarium.


We have also manufactured four reinforced concrete aquariums within the scope of this project:

  •          One 3000 liter aquarium
  •          Three 7000 liter aquariums

We have provided these aquariums with individual filtration systems and installed polyurethane decorations.